Indianapolis is a blue collar, American town. Located in the Mid West, it's roots are buried in that tradition. What's more Mid Western American than gridiron football? And with one of the premier teams in the league, the Indianapolis Colts are the team that has the city of Indy behind it.

Even before they took home the Super Bowl title in 2007, the Colts have been a mainstay attraction for the city of Indianapolis. Peyton Manning, a draft pick and long term starter for the team, helped become the face of the franchise with his strong play and likable personality. He made it easy for the city to get behind him and they responded well by supporting him at games.

The Colts had several straight seasons of sell out games at home. This means three things; the team was winning, the games were fun, and the parking and traffic were awful. Let Party Bus Indy eliminate the last factor for you. Going to the tailgate is sometimes more fun than the game itself. But it can be beyond crowded, so parking and traffic can be a nightmare. So start the tailgate early and let one of our shuttles drop you off and pick you up.

Using one of our vehicles, you can comfortably bring whomever you want and have plenty of room for the food and drink you plan on consuming. As you arrive, you can just sit back and enjoy yourselves till you get to your destination and begin tailgating in the lot. From there you can go into the game and cheer on the Colts to another victory!

Once the game is over, whether a win or a loss, you can find your same vehicle for you to hop on and keep the party going or drown your sorrows. But you won't have to worry about driving and the hassles that go along with leaving a sports game.


iPod Compatible Sound System

Comfortable & Stylish Seating

Floor to Ceiling Dance Pole

Amazing Light Show

Multiple Big Screen TVs

Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Lots of room to mingle

Custom Cup Holders